Real Green Concrete is exactly that. Our concrete has no Ordinary Portland cement (OPC), the product used to create concrete by the process of hydration. By not using cement we reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by circa 80%. We use the usual mixture of sand and aggregate with a range of different waste materials, but with natural chemical activators. As our hardening process is a chemical reaction, we use far less water and there is no significant rise in temperature. Setting times are flexible and can be modified to suit project needs but can be as quick as one hour. Initial strength is gained rapidly so that striking of moulds could take place within 8 to 10 hours.



Real Green Concrete is the invention of Dr Aissa Bouaissi, a chemical engineer. Having worked in academia and industry, he worked out that there was a chemical process which activated the hardening of the mixture rather than crystallisation and hydration as occurs with OPC.

His process is carefully calculated and can be modified to meet the various types of concrete applications. Because the process is a chemical reaction, all materials are coated with the liquid chemicals and as such a wide variety of waste materials can be included in the mix.

VISION AND VALUES What do we believe in

Our vision is to bring a new material to the Construction Industry which significantly lowers its carbon footprint by providing an OPC free solution to the sector. The manufacture of OPC generates carbon-based pollution three times higher than total global aviation every year. Although we do not expect the worldwide production of OPC to cease, the more countries that become aware of a carbon efficient alternative in construction, the more we can play a part in reducing worldwide environmental damage.

For example, sea levels are rising, and the Environment Agency (EA) has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030. There is a need for fast setting products to be used in tidal conditions where our product’s excellent resistance to acid/alkaline attack and chloride diffusion will prove beneficial.

Precast work in the form of bridges, sewers, cladding, retaining walls, paviours and specialist items like staircases, beams and floors need a rapid hardening, high strength concrete which is competitively priced. Currently moulds are generally turned around in 24 hours. The use of RGC can double production without heat to aid the process.


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Concrete is the second most consumed resource on our planet – second only to water. Although Ordinary Portland cement (OPC), the current main ingredient in concrete, has been instrumental in helping shape our ever-changing physical environments, it does leave a substantial carbon footprint.

According to Chatham House, cement contributes a massive 8% to the worlds CO2 emissions – this is nearly 3x more than the whole aviation industry and only just behind the global agricultural sector.

The clinker production stage in making OPC contributes 90% of cements total CO2 impact with the transport and raw materials preparation only accounting for the final 10%.

Our RGC not only uses ZERO OPC it also utilises waste streams from a multitude of other industries to create a truly sustainable construction material.

2.2 Billion

+ CO2 Production

In 2016, the cement industry produced 2.2 billion tonnes of CO2.


+ CO2 Global Contribuiton

This accounted to 8% of the global total - just from one industry.


+ Attributed to the clinker

Together with thermal combustion, 90% of this was attributed to the production of clinker.


RGC and the environment

Our aim is to be a leader in sustainable building materials, valued and respected by all stakeholders through the processes and products we create. Our target is to deliver products and concepts that allow sustainable construction with zero emissions wherever possible.

Our approach is focusing on, (i) sustainable materials- innovation and product development, (ii) stakeholders-creating partnerships and sustainable working environments, (iii) energy consumption and greenhouse emission-minimising embodied energy and carbon dioxide damage, (iv) industrial waste- re-consumption and use in new production, (v) water and soil contamination- water preservation and reduction in landfill use, (vi) effective management- high quality services and reliable processes.

OUR PRODUCTS What we have to offer

Our Real Green Concrete can be used in a multitude of industries and applications. As our concrete uses a chemical reaction to bond, it has allowed us to customise the chemical matrix of the concrete to be an outstanding performer in a number of applications. Whether you’re looking for properties that include; high strength concrete, high shock absorbing, highly conductive, high water durability characteristics or fast setting attributes, we’ve got you covered.

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